Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sailboats at Sunrise

The past two mornings have been a rare treat for me.  I normally do not wake before 6, but two days in a row now I have.  It is so peaceful.  The water is still.  No one on other boats is yet stirring.  Open the door and you can hear the small fish jumping.  Today I thought I heard seals grumbling, but could not see any. The glow on the horizon brightens and intensifies

We remember it is a Sunday morning, and we acknowledge our wonder at God's creation.

Yesterday morning

And today

Sailboats, so graceful and angular, so photogenic, do not detract from the beauty of the moment.  But another man-made object does.  A plastic bag is floating in the water.  I am thankful it is near enough that we can reach it with our extended boat pole, and Al fishes it out.

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