Thursday, September 29, 2011


We are still struggling with the pronunciation of this island.  The first people we cruised the San Juan Islands with (who had made 20+ trips) called it MAH-tee-ah. Our guide book says that 'matia' means 'no protection' in Spanish.  Would the normal Spanish pronunciation be mah-TEE-ah then?  Al keeps wanting to add an 'r' and call it mah-trah. Well, he does tend to meditate in peaceful surroundings, but I've never heard him use a mantra. Then the other day we hear someone on the radio say he was heading to MAY-sha.


Small and charming, and quite peaceful until the winds turned to the northwest when we began the too familiar rocking side to side.  Several deep sighs emerged from my lips, while even Al shouted to the waves 'That's enough!'

Today our plan is to pack some sandwiches and go to the big cove on the southeast part of the island. Pictures on a later post.  These are from previous days...

Viking Star at the dock in Rolfe Cove

The little cove that has been our 'office'.  Internet and phones don't work at  the boat.

Al at work

The 'face' of Matia....can you see it?  Makes me think of Easter Island, almost...

The little island that helps form Rolfe Cove, I can find no name for it on any of our charts.

Last night's sunset, with a sailboat turning in to take a mooring buoy for the night.

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