Monday, September 26, 2011

Stormy Weather, Take Two

Though we expected the winds to howl up to 40-50 over night, the storm kindly let us sleep.  We both woke for a time at 4AM, but we slept again until 7.

Blowing 20 when I got up, I started a pot of coffee, and by the time it was through brewing the winds were sustained 30, with a gust to 35.  I pour the thermos full and take it and two cups back to bed where our breakfast is gingersnap cookies.

It is nearly noon before we come up to the main cabin.  Just in time for the weather to really kick it up a notch.  The afternoon is quite uncomfortable with winds sustained for some time at 35 and a gust to 49.  We do still experience a lot of side-to-side motion even being on the linear moorage, but we think it is not as bad as it would be on the mooring buoy.

Yes, it got higher than this

Al calls this an 'Oh Sh*t Guage.  I couldn't get the timing right , but we were swinging  10 to 10.  FEELS worse than it sounds

The other boat in the bay has a dog on board.  In yesterday's rough weather we saw them take a couple of dinghy trips to shore, but not today.  Poor doggy!

Wow.  We are able to get a data connection, but NOT make calls.  I log onto facebook briefly, but looking at the screen on a wildly moving boat is not good for the stomach.  I retreat once again to the aft cabin.  My side of the bed lies on the midline of the boat, so the side-to-side is more tolerable.

Al is feeling better and stays in the main cabin picking up the flashlight that falls, closing the drawers that open, adjusting the items in the sink.

At the height, Al sees a TUG coming into the bay!  It is the LIndsey Foss, a tractor tug designed as an escort for tanker ships. He hangs for an hour or so, then departs.

Finally about 6 PM the winds begin to abate.  The gale warning has just expired--good timing! Though waves are smaller, we still are getting alot of side-to-side action.  Al warms some chili, our first hot food of the day. The Advil I took for a slight sore throat has worked.

I am trying the internet again.

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