Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sucia Hike

Yesterday after Al completed his work for the day, we set out to explore a bit more of this island than we have seen on our many previous visits.  Our favorite has been Fossil Bay, but after our hike, we will perhaps try Echo Bay, or Shallow Bay, the next time we visit.  Echo Bay is much larger, so perhaps less protective, but it offers a much better view of Mt. Baker, and perhaps our cell phone access will be stronger facing Bellingham.

Echo  Bay facing SE to the 'fingers' of the 'hand' that is Sucia

Our side-by-side shadows

Hey Tim and Marla!  We found the China Caves!

Al rescued three princesses last night--my Hero!

It appears to have had a balloon ladybug attached as well

This morning, a champagne toast .  Al says 'Welcome to the Club', the  Half-Centurians!

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