Friday, September 9, 2011

Cypress to Blakely to Orcas

(Wednesday, Sept 7)

Another 'Sailboat at Sunrise', but this time I want you to notice the fog bank.  It is not as thick or long-lasting as Monday or Tuesday's fog.  We are on our way, turning right around this point, at about 10:30

Yay!  We are moving today!  Though Cypress Island seems to be one of our favorite islands this summer, especially after our Eagle Cliff experience, I am ready for new vistas.  Following our 'no plans' itinerary, we are going the opposite direction from the one we talked of going the day before.  We had talked of going north to Clark Island for a day or two, then around to Matia, Sucia and Patos--somewhat more primitive islands.

This is Eagle Cliff.  We sat upon the crown.  The slope to the right was the mile-long climb.

BUT we are running low on eggs and produce, so we are going to round Cypress to the south and cross Rosario Strait to Blakely Island Marina on Peavine Pass.  The guidebook says they have a well-stocked store with a lunch counter.

Well, the only thing they have that's on our list is eggs.  And the lunch menu consists of hotdogs, or any of the microwavable foods in the store, and ice cream.  We have hotdogs and ice cream.  (Massive Servings.  Al overheard the counter girl comment about the large servings 'I need to get rid of it before we close up for the season')

The wind has picked up.  We cross north to Obstruction Pass State Park where we pick up a buoy.  The winds are whipping down from East Sound, but this park around the point and to the east is sheltered and calm.  We go to shore to register for the night, and end up hiking 1.5 miles to the parking lot and back on cliffside and hill trails.  Back at the beach, we have a nice conversation with 'Dale' who has been out with his rowing boat for two months today.

Returning to the boat, we have a nice view of children and dogs playing on the beach.  It is one of the most pleasant evenings on the boat this year, even though the big boat on the next buoy swings uncomfortably close, and a small boat with 4 young men and a dog has difficulty anchoring.

Buoy at Obstruction Pass State Park, Orcas Island

This is the life!  Slippers and a sunset.

Al pauses from a good book to watch the sunset color fade, and the moon to rise.

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