Friday, September 23, 2011


I wake up at 5:30.  I have woken several times through the night with the bouncing waves from the howling wind.  There are even white caps IN the marina.  I find Al in the main cabin---he's been looking at the weather websites and says 'You aren't gonna like it, but we need to get out of here today!'

I check the wind guage.  It is holding at 18 (we still don't know if that MPH or knots, which is faster).  Nope.  I don't like this news.

Al returns to bed, but once I'm up, I'm usually up.  I check the websites he has left open and confirm.  Yup, doesn't look any better for tomorrow, and a stronger system due Monday.  Probably SHOULD move on today.

It is surprisingly warm!  We actually took a blanket from the bed last night.  As the sun rises, I open windows as much as I can without creating a vortex.  8:00 arrives and Al has still not emerged from the aft cabin.  I am getting anxious.  I start stowing things in preparation for a bumpy ride.  It works, Al appears.

While he showers I strip the bed.  [How often do YOU change the sheets?  I have to say, I can't remember for sure the last time I did. Ewww.  And if you know Al and what a sweaty guy he can be you are saying EEEWWWW!]  It takes me 30-45 minutes of wrestling to strip the bed and remake it.  I am SO thankful that we have a 'walk-around' bed rather than the 'tucked-under' beds you find on so many boats.  But with my fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel issues I don't have a lot of strength in my hands and arms.  Our memory foam mattress is thick and heavy and fits nicely in it's frame, but makes my chore difficult.

When I emerge from MY shower to a breakfast Al has prepared, he makes my day when he says 'You know, tomorrow isn't supposed to be any worse than today, how about we stay one more night?  We can make it a boat day'  He has some shopping to do for a couple of projects, and I can clean.  Sounds like a deal to me!

We figure we have walked 3-4 miles today to visit two marine stores, even stopping for coffee and lunch.  Now back at the boat, Al has begun his projects, and it's time for me to begin mine!  Dust, vacuum, mop, scrub.

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