Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Cloudy Day

There isn't a whole lot to report today.  Probably the biggest news is that it has been cloudy and cool all day, and we even had a few sprinkles!

We lazed in bed until after 9, and had a bit of breakfast.  I cleaned the shower, mopped the floor, and stripped the bed.  We walked off the island, then 15 more blocks to the grocery store and back with 4 bags of goodies.  When we returned, we discovered that the laundry machine malfunctioned.  Al is working on that at the moment.

We will just snack for dinner tonight, recovering from the wonderful steaks we had last night at the Cedars, a restaurant here on Clover Island.  The Hamiltons are preparing a pear dessert and we will contribute ice cream for topping.

Al has a work call tomorrow morning and then we will be heading downriver from here, turning left onto the Snake River and on to Ice Harbor, the first dam on the Snake.  We have come 220 miles on the Columbia and have 140 miles to go on the Snake!

OH!  Update on the Starbucks situation.  We could have taken a bus, but the buses don't run on Sundays.  And most of the businesses are closed on Sundays, at least downtown.  Rather inconvenient, but quite nostalgic, we thought.

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  1. Sounds like fun , I may be joining the Christmas ships this year, I am attending their meeting on the 19th. Have fun and stay in touch
    Chris "After Hours"