Monday, October 11, 2010


Well, last night the plan was to go to Roosters for a nice 'last supper' together, but the wind came up (WAY up), and the rain began to fall, so Rob and Becky invited us all to Maxine for spaghetti.  It was a very yummy last chance for a shared meal.  We finally broke open that bottle of port, and Marti read the fitting description from the bottle:  Pinot Noir Port 2006, from Kramer Vinyards,  'From a particularly hot vintage, this special wine, sweet and warm, is full and lush.  Pair it with dark chocolate [we did!] or rich chocolate desserts, or just by the far on a "dark and stormy night." '

During dinner, we were monitoring Maxine's weather station.  Winds were sustained at around 20 knots, and there were several gusts to 30, and one to 34!  Even the mast stays on Viking Star were moaning!

But dawn broke clear and calm, and made a perfect picture as Brigadoon came across the marina, to perform that final duty before leaving...the pump out.

 Becky, and Rob inside, pass by on Maxine, on their way out of the marina.

And they they turn the last bend.  I hear it is bad luck to watch someone out of sight, so this is the last view we have.

Today we did our shopping, walking over a mile to Wal-Mart and back again.  And five loads of laundry are done.  I think I still have three lined up for tomorrow.  Then I had a soak in the hot tub and a nice shower.  

Al's scheduled work call was cancelled this morning.  Hope the one for tomorrow afternoon stands, or else we should have left with the other two boats this morning!  

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