Thursday, October 21, 2010

There is going to be a Blow!

Listening to tonight's local news brought unsettling news - Summer is Over.  Yes, so long in coming, we have enjoyed perhaps the last nice day for a while.  Forecasted are clouds moving in Friday, Rain by Sunday and continuing through mid week as a series of  fronts pass over the region.

A  bit more unsettling is that there is forecasted strong winds - sustained 10-15 MPH, with gusts from the mid to upper 20's. detail forecast Pasco WA

So, Kristi and I talked tonight about what we should do.  We have enjoyed our stay here in Richland at the public docks, but are starting to come up against the 5-day limit (and we really do not wish to be unappreciative guests).   It is time for us to move on.  Plus, even though Starbucks is a short 15 minute walk from here, not sure how attractive that will be in Rain and Wind.

We COULD start our way down river, dealing with the Wind and Waves. These waves and gusts will be very doable and safe for Viking Star.  Locks might be a bit more effort, but overall we are more than equipped and capable with dealing with these modest winds.  

But here is the bottom line:  We do not HAVE to be anywhere!  So, why push it?  In the US Power Squadron classes we teach that a Schedule is the most dangerous thing to recreational boaters.  Well, guess what! We decided to move Saturday 5 miles  back downriver to the Kennewick Marina and hold out there till these storms pass over.

So, we will be moving on down and sitting it out in our nice and warm cabin.  As the saying goes - better to be at dock wishing you were out, then be out wishing you were at dock.

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