Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The ducks at Hells Gate Resort are the biggest I have ever seen!  Which means they must be very well fed.  Today a fisherman told me 'Stewie feeds them shrimp!'  They are quite tame--it is difficult to ruffle their feathers or get them to move very fast.  They are the picture of 'waddle like a duck'!  The first night we were here we were amazed at how close we could get without them moving at all......until we rustled the chip bag we were carrying.  Then it was 'Night of the Zombie Ducks' as they rose silently in unison and waddled towards us.

Here are a couple of 'Misters'.  I like the black duck the best.  He looks rather like a male Mallard that has been dipped in coal dust.  There is a bit of a green shine to his head, and he has the stripes on his wings.

I think this is the Mrs. to the black duck.  Hey, when you were a kid, did you play Duck, Duck, Goose?  Or did you play Duck, Duck, Grey Duck?  Is this the grey duck?

 The daily duck blockade:

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