Monday, October 11, 2010

Memories from Maxine

One thing we attempted to do this morning before Brigadoon and Maxine left to go downriver was trade photographs.  Marti, you might have gotten ours, but yours didn't get copied over to us.  Here are a few of my favorite memories from Maxine:

A better picture than ours, of the 'patio' or 'Margaritaville' being towed away,  The Dalles.  Scrimshaw in the background.

Viking Star, on the Columbia, just above the Wallula Gap.

Viking Star in a lock

Wow!  We didn't see this!  Must have happened those two days we were apart.

Brigadoon at Lower Monumental.  This is the lock with the peeling 'skin'.....

And a whole section of the wall missing.

The bat that Rob and Becky rescued from the Lower Granite dam.....

and left on the wall at the top.

Brigadoon, Maxine, and Viking Star at Central Ferry

Beginning the day out of Central Ferry

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