Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Day About Town

My feet HURT!

We got up this morning, and I went ashore for a long, hot shower, complete with shampoo and shave.  On board, I must choose one or the other, if any.

Then we dressed and headed out.  Al did a Google search last night and found the Clarkston United Methodist Church is about 1.4 miles away.  It took about 45 minutes walk and we were royally welcomed.  It was a fine service to feed the soul.  Though the majority of the congregation were 'retired' people, there was a nice group of children, and a baby was baptized this morning.

Checking the map, and the condition of my feet (I insisted on wearing my pumps. Though they are comfortable pumps, they are NOT tennis shoes.) we decided to walk up to the diagonal street and head for Starbucks.  Before we got there, we found Big John's BBQ.  Big John himself welcomed us, and brought Al some Snake River Lobster--the biggest crayfish you will ever see!  He says he goes through a thousand pounds a week!  I had a pulled pork sandwich that was more than yummy.

We waddled on, and did get to Starbucks.  We hadn't brought a computer, or a book, and the newspaper basket had been emptied, so we kind of zoned out, sent some text messages, Al checked the news on his phone, etc.  We checked in with the rest of our boating party, and found dinner is planned for 6:00 at Roosters, a fine restaurant on the waterfront.

There was a produce stand on the way back to the boat from Starbucks, so we got a few fresh things.  Just that much less we will have to purchase and lug tomorrow.  In the afternoon we will be doing laundry.  A sensor in the onboard laundry machine is not working, and will not pump out water.  Good thing I have a large collection of quarters!

Our buddy boats will depart downriver tomorrow morning.  Though we will miss the company, we look forward to a leisurely trip, stopping at a few  places we went by on the way upriver.

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