Monday, October 25, 2010

Things that - Work: Front Panel Express

Front Panel Express is an online company which allows one to make custom and short run custom panels.  We have used it twice to make panels out of aluminum for Viking Star, and they turned out wonderful!

Key to their service is a downloadable CAD tool which is integrated with their process.  Simply download the tool, layout what you want.  Print out a sample (I then glued it to stiff cardboard) to make sure all is just how you want it.  Once satisfied press the 'Buy it' button, and your order will be sent over the internet and your panel arrives a few weeks later (or sooner if you want to pay for express).

This is a really cool service.  Their CAD tool is simple to operate, and provides many options and pre-designed cutouts.  The material choices are wide, as well as the finishes and engraving fills available.  The tool will cost the panel for you as you design it, and the costs are reasonable (I think I paid $40 and $70 for the two panels I had made).

Way cool, and I am going to be making a few more panels before we are done.

Front Panel Express - Recommended

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