Friday, October 15, 2010

A Fan of Smooth Water

Thursday Oct 14

If you have been following our trip on this blog, you have probably caught on to the fact that I like smooth, glassy water.  And wow, we have had our share of it for this trip!  The weather has been unusually good--winds quite gentle, rain on only a few occasions, mild temperatures.  I am trying to soak in all the enjoyment I can, because I know that it is likely that we will have some pretty uncomfortable times yet before we reach Portland/Vancouver again.

In fact, we made a point to listen to the weather report on the VHF this afternoon, since we have been out of internet range for a day and a half now.  We are to expect winds to 30 mph overnight.  And temperatures into the 30's, with highs only in the 50's.  Sounds like Fall on the river.

I changed the bedding a couple of days ago, putting our down comforter on under the cotton bedspread.  We had a couple of cold nights in Clarkston.  But last night at Boyer was pretty mild.  Today was just a gorgeous day!  We threw open the cabin doors soon after sunrise, and kept them AND windows open for our cruise to Central Ferry.

We saw a couple of boats on the river.  Fishermen actually WAVE up here!  And a couple of 'official' boats casting nets and taking samples.  Nearing Central Ferry, two large military planes flew over at a low level, following the river.  I remember this happened on the way UPriver also.

We were tied to the dock at Central Ferry before 3PM, seeing our friendly grebe again.  Al doused the docks once more, and then went ashore to explore, and found the 2-300 geese who apparently LOVE this dock.  He agitated them so much that they all picked up and flew away, frightening him by 'dropping bombs all the way'!

Actually, Boyer Marina, the night before, at sunset.  A LOT fewer boats than a week ago!
Finished James Michenor's 'Hawaii' while enjoying a quiet drink on the back deck, shooting another photo of that fabulous smooth reflective water every now and then!
Handsome husband, pretty bridge, good book, relaxing evening

Fall colors, in reflection

This lonely tree has the half-moon over it's shoulder, and if you double-click to get the full-size photo, you MAY be able to see the moon's reflection too

Sunset at Central Ferry

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