Monday, October 25, 2010

Feeling the Breeze, and Feeling Pretty

With colder weather upon us, and now particularly the WINDY weather, I am feeling the breeze more and more these days.  Al DID get the rear hatch weatherstripped the other day.  One night in Clarkston I was disturbed no small amount by the rattling it did all night.  The rattle is gone!  And it has been well tested for the past 24 hours. But Al is not satisfied--he says he cannot tighten down the hatch cover any longer.  So there is still a bit of a draft, particularly with our stern to the wind.

Another location of a noticeable indoor breeze, is around the stovepipe.  There are numerous holes in the wood cabinet around the stovepipe, which will eventually be covered or filled with things like a barometer or a car stereo system.  But there is a hole allowing wires to go OUTSIDE, which also allows sun and wind INSIDE.

But the biggest draft I feel these days is through the doors.  Even when closed, there is a nearly half inch gap between the door and the door frame.  And again, when the wind blows from behind, it can come whistling in there pretty good!
Wood, GAP, Door (Brown/White)

When we finally light the diesel stove (soon now, soon) we will be much less concerned with drafts, and in fact may even welcome them.  If you have come along with us during Christmas Ships, you  know that we would often be comfortable in shorts and tank tops when the stove is lit.  We may have to remove that down comforter I just got out for the bed.  

Until then, that about covers it for the Feeling Breezy part.

But I want to talk a little bit about being a woman living on a boat, and feeling pretty, and how difficult it is to be both, simultaneously.  It takes a whole lot more EFFORT to feel pretty while living on a boat.  Especially one that is still in restoration and does not have all it's 'systems' installed yet.  

Though I am very grateful for the shower on Viking Star, hot water at the moment requires ready electricity from the dock, or a period of time running the engine or generator, or patience to wait 20 minutes for the batteries to heat the water after flipping a switch.  And then, once you have hot water, you can EITHER  wash your hair OR shave your legs, NEVER both.  And no more luxuriously leaving the water run while you soap.  Rinse, turn off water, soap and shampoo, turn water on, rinse.  Leave enough warm water for your partner, unless he is willing to wait to repeat the heating process.

Once you are showered, another important ingredient to feeling pretty is FRESH clothes.  Now, living on an old diesel-powered boat, you never quite get rid of that eau de diesel.  We fool ourselves into believing our boat doesn't smell, but when you get away, we can smell it on ourselves.  We say 'We smell like BOAT!'

And another practice due to limited laundering ability as we have had the past few weeks, is that we wear our clothing 2 or 3 or more times before they are destined for the laundry basket.  (Clean underwear every day, but jeans may  be worn nearly a week--YIKES.)  

Make-up is pretty much a non-issue.  Once I got a decent mirror and hand mirror, I can deal with applying my makeup.

Hair is another issue, though.  I gave up coloring my hair almost 2 years ago, and I am noticeably grey.  Kind people will say it just looks like 'highlights', but I know better.  I just will NOT do-it-myself.  I have never liked the look of all-over color, and I don't like the idea of a different colorist in every port either.  I miss Karla, who has taken care of my hair for 15 years or more.  

But color aside, there is the style.  I have straightened my hair for years, which involves blow drying and then using a flat iron, both of which are 'heating' appliances, and very energy consumptive.  So, I tried to get used to a wash-and-go hairstyle, really I did.  I have naturally wavy hair, so it should have worked.  But, I feel the grey is even more evident and flyaway, and my face looks rounder.  Straight is just more glossy, smooth, and younger looking, in my opinion.

This week, while plugged in to shore power, I got out my hair dryer and flat iron, and I couldn't believe how much better I felt with straight hair again!  I simply MUST continue. No matter how much power it consumes.

A woman has to feel pretty. 


  1. Well Viking Lady, I thought you were about to say "I'm cutting my hair and letting it go without color... guess I'll be the naturalist boat lady." I guess I was wrong! I do have an image of you standing over the stove, using the warm air to dry your hair. Just don't drop your lipstick onto the stove! There are advantages to being follicly challenged and a man!

  2. Hi Lowell! I WISH I felt pretty with a short, no-nonsense hairdo! We are looking forward to visiting with you and Terry when we get back to Vancouver.