Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The SNAKE River

Well, turning the pages in the chart book, we discovered that this really IS the Snake River!  We were looking for possible anchorages as we move upriver, and are considering the area in the 'snake's mouth'.  Can you see it?

We have been enjoying a most surreal experience at Levey.  It is a park that is in caretaker mode for the winter.  It is big and beautiful, with a volleyball court, newish playground, toilets and showers (buildings now closed), multiple shelter houses and one very large one, swimming beach, and boat launch.  An not a soul in sight!  Al says 'It's like the Day After'!  Okay, there was one slow train that rumbled by on the other side of the river....

There are numerous noisy birds chasing the silence.  This couple was a bit skittish.

Al has a work call in an hour, then we will be off.  Here is Viking Star tied to the floating dock at Levey.

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