Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Slow Afternoon Cruise

We were told by Clover Island Marina residents and management that there was a nice moorage upriver about 5 miles at Richland.  Al did some investigation, and found a Starbucks, Winco, and dentist within easy walking distance!  So this afternoon, after his work phone call, we headed out.

The Portland Spirit was coming back from their Snake River dam tour, tickets which cost $85 per person.  We hailed them since they went past where they have been mooring, and we wanted them to know we were behind them and did they have a preference of which side we should pass.  Al told them that we were glad to see them up here, and that we would see them back in Portland for the Christmas Ships!

The Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco,Richland) are cities of bridges too.  There are a couple of railroad bridges--you can see one just below the white bridge above.  We are on Lake Wallula of the Columbia River.  The picture below sure LOOKS like a calm lake, but the further north we go, the stronger the current becomes.

There were lots of big, nice houses along the Pasco rivershore.  And another freeway bridge.

Hey, it IS a nice marina.  And only charges $4 a night April to September, so it's FREE to us now.  AND there is water and electricity.  We walked the mere blocks to the shopping center, where we enjoyed an hour at Starbucks, and grabbed a couple bags of groceries from Winco.  Now steaks are on the grill, broccoli steamed, Yukon gold potatoes boiling, fresh French bread sliced, buttered, and half consumed already....

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