Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pitter Patter

Thursday Oct 7

Dinner conversation last night included weather reports, with Marti saying she had seen nearly every condition mentioned as a possibility.  But before rising this morning we could hear the raindrops, and at breakfast it looked like the clouds had settled in pretty well.

Al had been up in the night, but I was ready to go, so I showered and dressed and left Al snoozing loudly in bed.  I got my hazelnut latte and a cinnamon bun, and brought a mocha back for Al.  A final check of emails and then we were off.

Here is Al navigating amidst the raindrops:

It is amazing to see the changes in the hills that a little rain over a couple of hours can make.  Especially evident on a black background, the greening is almost emerald in color.  We see it mainly on the northerly faces, but even the hills on the other side of the river have an occasional tinge of green.

Another dam day.  Little Goose this time, and it was not without excitement.  (I much prefer boredom in the locks.)  This approach shows a LONG fish ladder, and a bridge at the front blocking our entry.  Soon we saw the green light and the bridge began to lift, yes, in that order.  

Even though it was not raining at the time (I would have also had my hood up if so), here I am in my rain gear, prepping the stern line as we approach the lock.

 Thirteen more miles and we will be at Central Ferry where we hope to spend the night.  NO services available, the park and marina have been closed for the season.  There MAY be enough dock space for the three of us to tie up, or perhaps someone will have to raft together, or even anchor out.

Okay, we have arrived.  After careful exploration of the bay with our forward-seeking sonar, we have determined that there is enough depth and dock that we can all three tie to the dock in line.  We got to work with the bucket brigade to wash the docks of the goose poop, which angered the humongous spiders living underneath.  Rob sprayed the docklines of all the boats hoping to deter stowaways.

We must be near a military airstrip because we heard a jet take off this morning, and midway through our docking a BIG military plane took off (Al could probably tell you exactly what it was), turning just over us, and following the valley out.

Beers have been opened.  A roast is destined for the oven.  And a bottle of port for after dinner.  Should be a great evening.

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